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Space Tourism Posters

By | graphic design, inspiration

Do you like rocket ships, astronauts, alien planets as well as incredible artwork, design and typography? Check out the new “space tourism” posters commissioned by NASA by the award winning design studio “Invisible Creature”. (and yes, I bought one, and it looks incredible.)

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Flat design is everywhere. But is it here to stay?

By | design trends, graphic design

Flat design has been a hot trend in the design world for a while now. We’ve moved away from hyper realistic icons and illustrations in the opposite direction, towards minimalistic and simple designs that sometimes seem reminiscent of earlier days. But is this change just another trend, the latest in the endless game of keeping things new? Or is it a shift towards a new design mindset? Follow the link to the article on the great technology news site…

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Hi there. My name is Mark, and I am a graphic designer, photographer, artist and more.

This page will give you a quick snapshot of me, and tell you a bit about the skills and experience I have. Please use the contact page to get in touch with me if you’re interested in working together. Have a great day!

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