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Photography is one of the ways I like to explore and create. But to be honest, sometimes it’s challenging to create something that’s new and unexpected, to feel like I’m living up to my creative potential. I find it easy to get sidelined by inner obstacles, like the feeling that I don’t have the right equipment, the right skills, enough experience, or even the right ideas. I look at the work of other photographers, artists and creative people I’ve come to admire and respect, and I wonder if I could ever measure up. Insecurity, fear and discouragement can make it easy to feel like I don’t have what it takes.

All of this implies that creativity is a destination.
An arrival point. Creativity is not a goal or an accomplishment, but a pursuit.

Somewhere along the way, I’ve given up on the chase. I stopped creating, exploring and discovering for it’s own sake, and having fun with it. I’ve let my questions, doubts and insecurities distract me from chasing after something I believe I was born to do. It’s time for me to reset and start again.

The blog will be a space where I’ll be starting again, sharing my creative process, my ideas and inspirations, and the visual exploring that will be part of that. I’m going to experiment and try off the wall ideas, I’m going to share work that’s unfinished and incomplete, and stop caring about whether it’s perfect. Or at least try. I’ll show the finished work too, but the focus will be on the pursuit.

Because all of this is supposed to be fun. Let’s play.

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Hi there. My name is Mark, and I am a graphic designer, photographer, artist and more.

This page will give you a quick snapshot of me, and tell you a bit about the skills and experience I have. Please use the contact page to get in touch with me if you’re interested in working together. Have a great day!

graphic design. photography.
and more.