This is my digital studio space, where I'll be sharing my design and photography.
Take a look around. Share your thoughts or just say hello.

More than a portfolio site.

The problem I have with assembling a professional portfolio, is that the crisp presentation often hides the wild, unpredictable and electric journey of creativity that it took to get there. I think that ride is one of the best parts of choosing a creative career. Check out my blog, where I’ll be sharing about what inspires my creative process and more.

Recent Projects

I think the creative process can be just as interesting as the final, finished project. I’ll be sharing some of the latest design and photography projects I’ve been working on, and try to give some insight into my creative process.

Quick Tips

Sometimes the best way to learn is through small, bite sized tips and tricks. I’ll share tips I’ve learned to help you take better photographs, and get better results in the digital darkroom.


My creative work often reflects my interest and fascination with typography, the art of letter and number forms. Here on this site, I’ll be sharing links to different type resources, articles and type inspired artwork.

Visual Inspiration

I’ll share the work of other photographers, visual artists and other creative people that I’ve found inspiring, and hope will also inspire you.

Additional Resources

I’ll share some of the useful creative resources I’ve discovered, whether it’s for further education for learning about your camera or other equipment, about software, or for purchasing gear.

Words of Insight

I’ll be sharing thoughts and quotes from some of the books I’m reading that have challenged me, made me reconsider my perspective or assumptions, or simply just stop and think for a moment.