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Hi there. My name is Mark, and this page will give you a quick snapshot of the skills and experience I have that can help you succeed on your next creative project. If you’re interested in working together or connecting, please use the contact page to say hello.









Strategic Thinking

I hope you like questions. I believe the best creative people ask a lot of questions before even getting started. I like asking strategic and thoughtful questions to help us build blueprints for what you want your project to accomplish, to guide my research, inspire ideas, keep everything on track, and ensure success.

Communication Skills

I like sharing ideas. Sharing ideas can be more compelling than the design part of a project. I have a lot of experience and confidence in communicating ideas, whether that involves writing detailed creative briefs, editing written content, leading a group design critique, or delivering a client presentation.

Insider Insight

I like understanding how things work. I’ve spent several years in the print industry in pre-press, where I learned a great deal about the technical details of the printing process, and behind-the-scenes knowledge that helps me manage production schedules, secure best pricing and inspires new ideas for printing approaches.

Project Management

I wish I could control time. Until then, managing my schedule, projects and priorities is the best way to ensure everything gets done. I believe the keys to project management are communication, flexibility and keeping an eye on the big picture. I have experience working in many fast paced settings, with a constant flow of different projects and shifting priorities.

Team Player

I believe in multiplication. The best people are exponentially better when they’re part of a team. I have led and worked with a diverse team of designers, writers, public relations experts, marketing staff, and vendors. I enjoy working in a collaborative space, where ideas and designs can be freely shared, critiqued, and refined together.


I like learning new things. I’ve designed environmental graphics, packaging, promo items, magazine layouts and more. I’ve collaborated on web projects, and have a solid grasp of HTML, CSS, WordPress, and mobile responsive design. I also have deep photography experience, including rights mgmt, booking photographers, and art directing photo shoots.

I’ve worked with a wide-range of creative professionals in advertising agencies and internal corporate marketing departments, and Mark is the unique combination of left and right brain which is often difficult to find.

Andrew RitterskampMarketing Manager, Anixter

Mark is a top-notch graphic designer and photographer with expertise in all aspects of creative marketing, print advertising and web campaigns. ... He was extremely adept at coming up with ideas or turning our ideas into fantastic, professional pieces, time and time again.

Allison TaylorSenior Communications Specialist, HD SUPPLY

I found Mark to be an excellent team player with a depth of creativity that was second to none. Over a range of target audiences ... Mark was able to communicate effectively and bring great concepts giving the client great options and solutions.

Stephanie Graffuis-CainSenior Graphics and Marketing Specialist, HD SUPPLY

Mark worked together with our team to design and produce comprehensive branded benefits and wellness campaigns, which often included multiple print and web components. ... Mark often developed many different ways to help us communicate complicated concepts in a clear and engaging way.

Charles WhiteVice President, Compensation and Benefits, HD SUPPLY

It is not just the great work or attention to detail that sets Mark apart from other creative directors but his passion to get things done right and professionalism when working together with corporate partners ... I would recommend Mark to any company or individual that desires fresh and creative campaigns and requires superior project management from concept to execution.

Jim HoffmanSenior Account Executive, Spectrum Print Communications
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Hi there. My name is Mark, and I am a graphic designer, photographer, artist and more.

This page will give you a quick snapshot of me, and tell you a bit about the skills and experience I have. Please use the contact page to get in touch with me if you’re interested in working together. Have a great day!

graphic design. photography.
and more.