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A lesson in perspective

By inspiration

“The trick to being truly creative, I’ve always maintained, is to be completely unselfconscious. To resist the urge to self-censor. To not-give-a-shit what anybody thinks. That’s why children are so good at it. And why people with Volkswagens, and mortgages, Personal Equity Plans and matching Lois Vutton luggage are not.” . Linds Redding This quote is taken from the blog of Linds Redding, a former creative director in the advertising industry who has been struggling…

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I thought I could fly

By photography

I think we’re all built with a need to explore. And as we move through life, we quickly start building a list of specific places that call out to us, places we want to visit and discover for ourselves. For me, Hawaii has always been near the top of that list. Here’s one of my favorite photos I took during a recent trip to the Big Island.

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Flat design is everywhere. But is it here to stay?

By design trends, graphic design

Flat design has been a hot trend in the design world for a while now. We’ve moved away from hyper realistic icons and illustrations in the opposite direction, towards minimalistic and simple designs that sometimes seem reminiscent of earlier days. But is this change just another trend, the latest in the endless game of keeping things new? Or is it a shift towards a new design mindset? Follow the link to the article on the great technology news site…

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The person who doesn't make mistakes is unlikely to make anything.

Paul Arden, creative director, best selling author


By photography

Photography is one of the ways I like to explore and create. But to be honest, sometimes it’s challenging to create something that’s new and unexpected, to feel like I’m living up to my creative potential. I find it easy to get sidelined by inner obstacles, like the feeling that I don’t have the right equipment, the right skills, enough experience, or even the right ideas. I look at the work of other photographers, artists…

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Hi there. My name is Mark, and I am a graphic designer, photographer, artist and more.

This page will give you a quick snapshot of me, and tell you a bit about the skills and experience I have. Please use the contact page to get in touch with me if you’re interested in working together. Have a great day!

graphic design. photography.
and more.